Artificial Intelligence benefits productivity in the business world


There are mixed opinions when it comes to the increasing development of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Those who support it consider it as a business and educational allied; but others state it jeopardizes job opportunities. Here, at Flow, we share our perspective.

Many people have recently been talking about Chat GPT, an AI platform that performs several tasks in a faster, simpler, and more efficient way. For example, writing texts, developing reports and getting recommendations lists about different subjects, among others.

This tool has renewed the discussion around AI. In Flow, we believe it can be a great allied for businesses, optimizing work distribution and promoting productivity.

If as employee in a company you are afraid of this sort of innovation, we can tell you about the great advantages in AI, which certainly does not replace human beings. When it is used cautiously for specific tasks, it can be of great help as well as a complement for your work.

For instance, if you have to write a review for a topic, AI can be an excellent assistant. You will obviously be the one giving the instructions and concepts that must be included in the text. You will also check it and edit the text if necessary. However, you won’t start from scratch, which will help you to optimize your time and carry on with other tasks. Improving your productivity will always be valued in a company.

It is very important you remember that AI does not substitute human work, but rather complements it. The progress in new technologies and innovation is increasingly accelerated; the unknown sometimes harbors fears, distrust and resistance. You must keep in mind that AI is opening new doors, and those who do not strike while the iron is hot will stay behind. The ones who take advantage of its attributes and incorporate it in their daily work will be one step ahead, making the difference, since the innovation train won’t stop so you better hop in.

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