Artificial Intelligence benefits productivity in the business world


There are mixed opinions when it comes to the increasing development of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Those who support it consider it as a business and educational allied; but others state it jeopardizes job opportunities. Here, at Flow, we share our perspective. Many people have recently been talking about Chat GPT, an AI platform that performs […]

The evolution of payment methods

The evolution of payment methods

The way in which people use their money definitely changed. According to data by The World Bank, by 2021 76% of adults around the world had a bank account, which represented an increase compared to the 68% registered in 2017.  In this sense, the pandemic contributed to the evolution of payment methods, where paying with […]

How will the year end for e-commerce in LATAM?

e-commerce in LATAM

E-commerce in Latin America keeps a stable and notable growth around the region.  Countries such as Brazil, Mexico and Argentina show an important progress during the first half of 2022.  Sales in e-commerce not only registered a significant growth due to the pandemic, but it also ranked as a secure, fast and reliable sales channel. […]

Tips to choose a payment provider for your business

Today, when e-commerce is growing and there are several payment service providers (PSP), analyzing all the variables to decide which one to use is necessary to avoid making a wrong decision.  A PSP processes transactions among buyers and merchants. Lately, many brands and new companies add online sales to their business, which has been encouraged […]

E-commerce moves forward steadily in Latin America

During the last two years, e-commerce has significantly grown more importantly in Latin America, which is the second region with more opportunities in this area, following Southeast Asia. Aware of this, Flow is giving important steps in the region.  Experts state that nations as Southeast Asia and Latin America will rank among the countries with […]

FlowPagos arrives in Peru

FlowPagos llega a Perú

FlowPagos is the new local payment platform in Peru. It belongs to Flow, the Chilean payment provider, leader in number of users (+ 75.000) as in monthly transactions (+ 1 million USD). We operate in Mexico since 2020 with a successful start.  New local payment platform in Peru  FlowPagos arrives in Peru along with Guillermo […]


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