Tips to choose a payment provider for your business

Tips to choose a payment provider for your business

Today, when e-commerce is growing and there are several payment service providers (PSP), analyzing all the variables to decide which one to use is necessary to avoid making a wrong decision. 

A PSP processes transactions among buyers and merchants. Lately, many brands and new companies add online sales to their business, which has been encouraged during the pandemic. Given this reality, it is essential that you operate with a secure and reliable payment platform, that improves your clients’ experience when they make a purchase. To that end, you need to consider the following aspects: 

Go for a favorable platform

It’s important to select a PSP that provides the customer an easy experience from both physical and online sales, solving the frictions common in technological integration and bureaucracy. 

Analyze the solution’s compatibility 

Another point you need to check is choosing a payment gateway with a software adapted to international standards, multi-currency, so it can operate worldwide. It must adapt to the norms of each country while offering several payment methods. 

Security, a key element

Multiple cyberattacks target each year services related to e-commerce because this purchase-sale method precisely uses several payment platforms with customers’ sensitive information. This is the reason why cyber criminals are constantly looking for access breaches to use the banking information of the users for scams or thefts. Therefore, it’s pertinent choosing an online payment platform that is certified in PCI Compliance, to strengthen the transactions security. 

Your payment solution needs to work well in different types of devices 

Although it may be obvious, it is ok to remind you that your payment service should function correctly in different devices, such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. 

Clear fees 

It’s important that the platform you select be honest in their fees and does not have any hidden costs. 

FlowPagos: a convenient decision 

FlowPagos is the international branch of and constitutes a highly competitive solution, with the best sale conversions, security in your operations and a completely transparent settlement process. It’s certified in PCI Compliance Level 1 and have more than 150 local payment methods. 

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