E-wallets: a payment method that gains popularity among consumers


E-wallets have been around for a while. Everything started when Google launched their Google Wallet in 2011. However, e-wallets, as payment method, have gained popularity among consumers because of their speed, convenience and security; along with this popularity, businesses have also found an opportunity to increase their sales and buyers’ trust to purchase online.

Today, you will know how e-wallets work, their benefits, what type of businesses can use this payment method and the option FlowPagos has for you.

What are e-wallets?

An e-wallet is an online app where people can make different transactions. More and more consumers decide to use e-wallets for being a convenient payment system to have their funds available and manage them in a simple, safe and fast way.

How e-wallets work?

Having an e-wallet is very easy. Usually, you just need to download an app, enter the information required and link a bank account. This way you can send money from your bank account to your e-wallet.

What type of businesses can use this payment system?

What makes e-wallets as payment method, so attractive and useful is that they are for all types of business. These systems are built to pay and make purchases among consumers, business to other business (B2B), and business to consumer (B2C).

Benefits of e-wallets as payment method:

  1. Diminish fraud

E-wallets use encrypted systems where the information of the linked cards is stored. In this way, the number of your card is not shared with other users or stores when making a transaction. You can authorize any transaction thanks to the biometric mechanism implemented by e-wallets.

  1. Allow international purchases

Due to their digital characteristic, e-wallets make international purchases easier. Besides, with FlowPagos you don’t need to worry about differences in currency or transaction fees.

  1. Reduce the use of cash

This is a time where consumers prefer doing online purchases and payments. This option replaces the use of cash and facilitates the payment of services.

  1. They are an alternative to provide banking services to the population

Many e-wallets offer digital and physical prepaid cards. This represents a great alternative to provide banking services to the population, since it allows them to take out money from ATMs and forget about maintenance charges.

  1. Save time

With e-wallets you no longer need to run searching for the last three digits on the back of the card or the expiry date. Manage your money as you want without worrying for these details.

Now that you know the benefits of e-wallets, we present the opportunity FlowPagos has for you. Mexico is one of the main markets with the higher grow in ecommerce. FlowPagos facilitates the collection processes with +25 local payment methods. Besides, we connect you with +30 payment methods in Chile in which you will find the most important e-wallets in the country, MACH and CHEK.


It is a Chilean e-wallet supported by Banco Bci. MACH began operations in 2017 and since then it has shown a constant growth. Today, it has more than 3 million users.

These are some of the services this payment method offers:

  • No commission in transfers made among MACH users.
  • Add funds to the e-wallet using credit cards or a personal bank account.
  • Payments in Chilean and foreign stores.
  • It offers a physical prepaid Visa card.


Chek has the support of Banco Ripley. This app has had great reception among Chileans, with more than 780.000 users registered and more than 35.000 business subscribed.

Finally, having payment options is a fundamental requirement for every business, especially in a society that is in constant change, due to the technological innovation and globalization. FlowPagos provides answers to the demands and changes of the market, offering innovative digital solution, facilitating collection processes and promoting cross-border sales.

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