FlowPagos arrives in Peru

FlowPagos llega a Perú

FlowPagos is the new local payment platform in Peru. It belongs to Flow, the Chilean payment provider, leader in number of users (+ 75.000) as in monthly transactions (+ 1 million USD). We operate in Mexico since 2020 with a successful start.  New local payment platform in Peru  FlowPagos arrives in Peru along with Guillermo […]

E-wallets: a payment method that gains popularity among consumers


E-wallets have been around for a while. Everything started when Google launched their Google Wallet in 2011. However, e-wallets, as payment method, have gained popularity among consumers because of their speed, convenience and security; along with this popularity, businesses have also found an opportunity to increase their sales and buyers’ trust to purchase online. Today, […]

Chile puts its faith in domestic tourism

Tourism in Chile represents an important source of income as it happens in most countries. The negative impact the pandemic has on the international tourism, has made governments be on the alert to reactivate the economy of this sector. As an example of the devastating effects of the pandemic, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) registered […]

This is what you can achieve in the tourism sector with FlowPagos

E-commerce has revolutionized the way in which consumers obtain goods and services. Many industries have restructured their services to introduce them into e-commerce. In addition, technological growth and the initiatives in favor of the democratization of financial services have allowed many people to be part of this digital growth. Tourism is one of the sectors […]

Top 4 Payment Methods In FlowPagos

Payment methods are the backbone of every store or business. Its importance goes beyond the nature of your business, whether you characterize by selling face-to-face, online or both. There are no sales without payment methods. Thus, we bring today the top 4 payment methods in FlowPagos. Imagine that a crowd surrounds you, all of which […]

Welcome to FlowPagos Chile

First of all, welcome to FlowPagos, local payment methods platform. In this occasion we will speak about our country of origin, where we were born, grew up and learnt everything we know. Chi-Chi-Chi-Le-Le-Le. Chile is undoubtedly one of the most technologically advanced countries in Latin America. With more than 18 million inhabitants, its population distribution […]

FlowPagos Arrives to Mexico

FlowPagos llega a México

FlowPagos.com is the new local payment methods platform in Mexico. It is part of Flow, the number one Payments Provider in Chile with more than 50.000 merchants and over 1 million transactions processed monthly. New local payment methods platform in Mexico  FlowPagos arrives in Mexico, the first country expansion for the Chilean Payment Provider, Flow. Javier Huerta, […]

Why Mexico?

It’s not a secret that Mexico has one of the most attractive economies in the LATAM region, with a high yearly growth, and potential to continue for years to come, specially regarding the development of E-Commerce in Mexico. The lack of confidence on the payments systems its been surpassed year after year, thanks to the […]