This is what you can achieve in the tourism sector with FlowPagos

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E-commerce has revolutionized the way in which consumers obtain goods and services.

Many industries have restructured their services to introduce them into e-commerce. In addition, technological growth and the initiatives in favor of the democratization of financial services have allowed many people to be part of this digital growth.

Tourism is one of the sectors that has adjusted their practices, including more online presence, payment platforms and more interactive web pages, which shows that e-commerce in Tourism is more relevant every day.

Therefore, today we will present everything you can achieve in the tourism sector with a payment platform as FlowPagos.

The importance of e-commerce in tourism 

Tourism represents one of the most important areas for a countries’ economy at a domestic and international level.

To have an idea of this sector’s importance: Despite the restrictions due to the pandemic and the decline of income that represented, Mexico ranks as the 3rd most visited country in the world, according to The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) data, for the month of December 2020.

As for the Mexican consumption trend abroad, the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI in Spanish) reports that the USA, followed by Canada, Cuba and Spain are the main destinations. Regarding the main payment methods, credit and debit cards rank as the most common ones. Not only to pay in stores, but also to do online shopping abroad. The Mexican traveler’s expenditure in transportation and lodging abroad was $6,907 billion in 2019. 15.1% less than last year.

Now, e-commerce plays an important role in the development of this industry. On one hand, for tourism companies, e-commerce has become a resource to have an international reach. The migration toward digital channels promoted the use of the internet, so the consumers could seek information about hotels, car rental, travel package, flights, among others. On the other hand, channels of communication with the consumers strengthened. 

Mexico got the 14th place in the capture of foreign exchange, according to the UNWTO data. The improvement is the result of different factors, one of them is the adaptation to the changes in consumers’ behavior and the implementation of reliable, effective and fast digital services.

It is here where payment platforms become the best ally for the sector.

The role of payment platforms in tourism

Besides supporting  e-commerce in tourism, by capturing the international consumers’ attention, payment platforms influence the competitiveness of the tourism sector.

For international as well as domestic tourism, a payment platform makes the difference between falling behind with traditional practices or providing a variety of options to receive incomes.

FlowPagos is a robust payment platform that offers different digital solutions for the tourism sector.

1. Unitary and massive payment processing

FlowPagos have scalable services from Amazon Web Services, which are useful for high demands.

This service is perfect for hotel chains, car rental services or other areas that produce high numbers of transactions.

2. Digital solutions based on your needs

Whether you are a hotel chain, agency travel, an enterprise that offers lodging or car rental, FlowPagos offers tools for social media, web pages, messaging, smartphones and desktop. Some of these solutions are: subscription management, payment button or email payments.

Subscriptions: they are useful for creating discount coupons for travel packages or tours with special activities.

Payment button: this is a very versatile tool. It can be attached to web pages or RRSS. Regardless of the tourism services that are offered, the payment button processes payments in a fast, safe and easy way.

Email payments: it is ideal to create unitary or massive charges, especially for international consumers. Similar to previous solutions, email payment is versatile and adapts to any type of business.

3. More than 20 online payment methods

FlowPagos fulfills the consumers’ demands for payment options that allow them enjoy the services, accepting the main debit and credit cards, along with cryptocurrencies and transferences.

4. Guaranteed security

There is distrust on the side of some consumers, who decide to pay their bookings or travel packages in the traditional way, either by going personally to a travel agency or contacting the enterprise.

As a result, it is important to have tools that build trust and provide a rewarding purchase experience.

FlowPagos guarantees the security of the transactions and the use of sensitive data, thanks to their encrypted channels and their high fraud prevention system.

In the age of immediacy and technology, having a payment platform that provides answers to the consumers’ demands and adapts to the needs of each economic sector, have an impact on its profitability and survival in such a competitive and globalized market. Change brings along opportunities, take advantage of them with FlowPagos.

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