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Payment methods are the backbone of every store or business. Its importance goes beyond the nature of your business, whether you characterize by selling face-to-face, online or both. There are no sales without payment methods. Thus, we bring today the top 4 payment methods in FlowPagos.

Imagine that a crowd surrounds you, all of which want to buy your products or services, but they will all pay using different methods. As a good merchant, you know that having all sides covered is necessary to receive those payments. So, you need a well-positioned payment platform as FlowPagos.

Local cards

Card payments are the main type of payment that consumers use. According to the XI report of Payment Methods Trends carried out in 2019, 55.3% of the Mexican population have two or more bank accounts, which prove the relevance of this method for the purchase of goods.

FlowPagos offers the option to receive payments from credit and debit cards (Master and Visa) and other financial institutions such as Amex, Diners, Maestro.

The possibility of receiving payments through +50 Mexican and Chilean local cards is among the advantages of having FlowPagos.

Cash Payments

Cash payments are a cornerstone of Mexican commerce, especially for its many convenience stores, which provide endless opportunities to buy online and pay in cash. These are some of the convenience stores where you could receive cash payments.

OXXO: In June 2020, OXXO reported 19,558 stores throughout the Mexican territory, being the primary convenience store in the country.

7Eleven: it ranks second as the most important convenience store in Mexico. 7-Eleven have 1,800 stores in different parts of the country.

Other convenience stores: following the concept of benefits that OXXO and 7-Eleven offer, Farmacias del AhorroSuper Farmacias, Extra, among others join to FlowPagos to spread the array of options for cash payments.

Multicaja: this option allows a specific customer to pay in cash using a face-to-face payment coupon, in any store affiliated with Multicaja.

Some of the benefits of using convenience stores are payment reception in real time, the presence these stores have all over the country, and the easiness of the procedureFlowPagos provides all the means so you can affiliate your business with Multicaja or any of the other options.

Bank Transfers

SPEI: it is an interbank online payment system (Sistema de Pagos Electrónicos Interbancarios, SPEI). SPEI puts you in contact with other financial institutions, keeping you from moving to other places.

SERVIPAG: it is another option with which you could receive payments through bank transfer. This option gives you the opportunity to pay using payment buttons or cards from commercial establishments.

KHIPU: the best feature of this option is simplicity. Khipu enables you to make bank transfers from an array of banks in only 3 steps.

FlowPagos gathers all these options in a single platform, where you will be offering up-to-date, inclusive, and safe payment solutions


E-wallets are an alternative for the democratization of finance. Customers can transfer their money to their e-wallets and do all sorts of transactions from their smartphones. MACH is one of the options FlowPagos provides.

In 2017, Bci Bank of Chile launched MACH, an online card. This option is thought for the population who does not have a bank account, which enables them to make purchases and online transactions with only downloading the app.

Moreover, MACH offers stores the option to create QR codes that can be scanned with a smartphone. In Mexico, this alternative is increasingly gaining more popularity, about 30% of the population already uses mobile payments in physical stores.


Cryptocurrencies are no longer perceived as an eccentricity that a small group of people use. On the contrary, making transactions using cryptocurrencies have become a more common option. They are also part of the e-wallets group, due to their digital currency features.

FlowPagos have the three main cryptocurrencies in the world BITCOIN, ETHEREUM and STELLAR. Therefore, you will be able to complete international sales without problems.


With such a wide variety of payment methods in FlowPagos, you can choose from an array of payment solutions with which you will be able to complete either online, face-to-face, local or international sales. At the same time, you will be providing high security levels and the best sales conversion rates.

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