E-wallets: a payment method that gains popularity among consumers


E-wallets have been around for a while. Everything started when Google launched their Google Wallet in 2011. However, e-wallets, as payment method, have gained popularity among consumers because of their speed, convenience and security; along with this popularity, businesses have also found an opportunity to increase their sales and buyers’ trust to purchase online. Today, […]

This is what you can achieve in the tourism sector with FlowPagos

E-commerce has revolutionized the way in which consumers obtain goods and services. Many industries have restructured their services to introduce them into e-commerce. In addition, technological growth and the initiatives in favor of the democratization of financial services have allowed many people to be part of this digital growth. Tourism is one of the sectors […]

Top 4 Payment Methods In FlowPagos

Payment methods are the backbone of every store or business. Its importance goes beyond the nature of your business, whether you characterize by selling face-to-face, online or both. There are no sales without payment methods. Thus, we bring today the top 4 payment methods in FlowPagos. Imagine that a crowd surrounds you, all of which […]

FlowPagos Arrives to Mexico

FlowPagos llega a México

FlowPagos.com is the new local payment methods platform in Mexico. It is part of Flow, the number one Payments Provider in Chile with more than 50.000 merchants and over 1 million transactions processed monthly. New local payment methods platform in Mexico  FlowPagos arrives in Mexico, the first country expansion for the Chilean Payment Provider, Flow. Javier Huerta, […]

Why Mexico?

It’s not a secret that Mexico has one of the most attractive economies in the LATAM region, with a high yearly growth, and potential to continue for years to come, specially regarding the development of E-Commerce in Mexico. The lack of confidence on the payments systems its been surpassed year after year, thanks to the […]